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Make your garden flourish with these 300 easy and inexpensive gardening hacks to help your plants blossom--perfect for any green thumbs, first-time horticulturalists, or reluctant gardeners!


Think you don't have a green thumb? Think again! No matter your gardening woes, Gardening Hacks has the solution.


Perfect for all gardening skill levels whether you're starting your first garden, looking to expand your crop, or simply searching for ways to make it easier to care for your extensive plant collection, you'll find everything you need to know to make your garden grow. Gardening Hacks includes helpful tips like:
-Saving your eggshells, which can serve as everything from an organic seed starter to a natural snail and slug repellent.
-Adding a pinch of cinnamon to help prevent fungal diseases that might prevent your plants from maturing.
-Using the newspaper to help deter weeds from sprouting.
-Creating your own DIY seed packet catalog to help keep your seeds organized as your garden grows.
-And many more!


No matter the size of your garden--from a small herb collection to an extensive variety of fruits and vegetables to any indoor plant that needs some perking up-- Gardening Hacks will make your plants flourish!

Review Quotes:

"Creative, low-cost ideas ... and advice ... sparking enthusiasm and building confidence."


-- Publishers Weekly

Review Quotes:

"The kind of book that is a lot of fun, and makes your garden a better and richer place."


-- Common Weeder

Review Quotes:

"Everything you need to know."


-- Gratitude Gourmet


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