Enough about the Baby: A Brutally Honest Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Enough about the Baby: A Brutally Honest Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Enough about the Baby: A Brutally Honest Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

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An unapologetic guide to the first year of motherhood, Enough About the Baby is a newborn book for women who recognize the necessity of self-care--even if sometimes the rest of the world does not.


Superheroes don't have babies; real and imperfect non-superhumans do. When we come to terms with this, the result is a happier and less traumatizing start to motherhood. Becky Vieira, the mom behind the popular Instagram account @wittyotter, provides actionable advice for new parents on what to expect after pregnancy and how to successfully navigate the frustrations and challenges that come with having a baby. Vieira draws on her own experiences and interviews with moms and experts to get to the bottom of the toughest and most taboo topics--from managing nosey in-laws and an anxious partner to surviving the first postpartum poop and when to seek out treatment for postpartum depression. This book is filled with hacks, tips, and tricks that only the most seasoned--and enlightened--mom knows. (Ever hear of a condsicle, an ergonomic ice pack for a battered nether region?) Vieira reminds readers that motherhood shouldn't be martyrdom, and a new mom who puts her needs first often isn't selfish at all.


With its combination of practical advice and the signature humor that made Vieira a hit on Instagram, Enough About the Baby makes a perfect baby shower gift for first time moms.


"It's not just the baby who goes through tons of changes in that first year. If you've been pregnant, given birth and are adjusting to new motherhood at home, Becky Vieira offers the raw, unvarnished truth that is often glossed over by those who just want to focus on the magic of being a new parent. No topic is too taboo, and Vieira covers everything from getting past that first postpartum poop to dealing with unsolicited advice from relatives."
--Good Housekeeping

"Vieira's candor about her struggles as a new mother and the input from experts results in a volume that's at once practical and deeply personal. This is a must for new and mothers-to-be."
--Publishers Weekly

"Becky Vieira has been an enduring and beloved voice in the postpartum community advocating for women through her personal experiences, precise observations, and unequivocal humor. Her new book, Enough About the Baby, is a solid reference for new moms who are navigating this challenging time in their lives, and who seek comfort from those with shared experiences and the wisdom to accept the ups and downs as part of this spectacular journey of motherhood. Perhaps the most important message Vieira teaches the reader is: 'It's okay to be selfish. It's okay for this journey to also be about you. In fact, you and your baby will actually thrive if you do.'"
--Karen Kleiman, author of Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts

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