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Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships

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2022 IPPY Bronze Medal Winner

Emotional Magnetism is the self-help book for people who want to improve their communication and connection in their relationships.


Have you ever felt unheard or misunderstood? Maybe your partner just doesn't seem to get why some things are important to you. Or perhaps your boss is seemingly oblivious to half the things you've pointed out in the past week. You're not alone. ​


In this life-changing book, communications expert Sandy Gerber reveals how, by understanding the Four Emotional Magnets that motivate people to listen and act, she transformed her relationships-and how you can do the same.


Gerber's highly relatable stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and Emotional Magnets quiz, helps you to:


● Identify what blocks your communication NOW.

● Discover what you emotionally NEED to be happy.

● Learn HOW to create greater engagement with your words.

● Understand WHY the people in your life make the choices they do.


As you'll quickly discover, when you know how to communicate what you need to be happy and respond to the Emotional Magnets of the people around you, you'll magnetize your relationships. Not only will you be heard and understood, but you'll understand what people want-and how to deliver it.


The book is excellent to read and discuss as a couple, or in a book club or small group.


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