Battling Tops Game

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  • LAST TOP SPINNING WINS: There are four fixed launch stations. Pull the ripcord to send the tops spinning into the battle at the same time! See each top rotating in different directions and start colliding into each other... be the last one standing and win!
  • HOW TO PLAY: 3 steps to combat: Insert, Press, & Pull! Insert the ripcord into your top's launch station and press your top into its U-shaped slot, and pull the ripcord to send the tops spinning into the battle stadium. A perfect fun game to compete with friends and family!
  • 4 COMPETITIVE BATTLING TOPS: The package includes a battle arena, 4 tops and 4 ripcords. Unleash your turbo gyro, spin different directions, and clash with other gyros to against your opponents! Who can stay till the end...
  • HEAD-TO-HEAD BATTLING: The player with the last top still spinning inside the battle stadium gets 1 points. Play rounds and rounds and move the included score maker one space at a time... first player to reach 10 points wins! Kids will stay hours challenging each other and help your child unplug from screens.
  • HAND-EYE COORDINATION: The battle game playset promotes fine motor and visual tracking skills, and increases patience and healthy competitive awareness! It's also a simple and easy-to-learn game for ages 6 & up to build good relationship and enjoy together with friends and family!
  • Ages 6+


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